Official Honors SEFF 2011

THE SEFF’11 jury has awarded the Golden Giraldillo for Best Film to the Norwegian production ALWAYS HAPPY, by Anne Sewitsky, “for showing a portrait of contemporary Europe through The life of ordinary people, to tell an uplifting and subtle story about human beings and to celebrate love and warmth in human relationships as the glue that holds everything together. ”

SILVER GIRALDILLO OFFICIAL SECTION: NOT US, WHO ?, by Andrés Veiel The jury of SEFF’11 has awarded the Giraldillo de Plata to the Best Film to the German film IF NO US, WHO ?, by director Andrés Veiel, To contemplate the problems of ideology, youth and violence, Offering a shocking reading on the recent history of Europe, which has a great relevance for all of us today. ”

SPECIAL JURY AWARD: Lech Majewski’s MILL OF TIME The Special Jury Prize is for the Polish film EL MOLINO DEL TIEMPO, directed by Lech Majewski, “for the artistic idealism and the scrupulous erudition in reviving the world of Brieghel using the More sophisticated digital techniques at the service of cinema as art “.

BEST DIRECTOR: STEVE MCQUEEN by Shame The SEFF’11 jury has awarded the Golden Giraldillo to Best Director Steve McQueen for SHAME, “for approaching a complicated moral issue with skill and compassion and for making a film that is exciting, Touching and very human. ”

BEST ACTRESS: (Ex aequo) NADEZHDA MARKINA¸ by ELENA, and BIEN DE MOOR, by CODE BLUE. The jury of SEFF’11 has granted ex aequo the Prize to the Best Actress to Nadehhda Markina¸ by Elena, and Bien de Moor, by Code Blue. At first, “for a remarkable and subtle interpretation and for making us understand how the reality of life in Russia deforms the thoughts and feelings of a normal Russian woman.” To the second, “to show us through his character how loneliness, separation, and unfulfilled desires can lead the human soul to complete destruction.”

BEST ACTOR: (Ex aequo) MICHAEL FASSBENDER, for SHAME, and AUGUST DIEHL, for NO US, WHO? The jury of SEFF’11 has awarded ex aequo the Best Actor Award to Michael Fassbender, for Shame, and August Diehl, If not us, who? To the first, “to cause immense sympathy and respect for the character he plays and to recognize one of the greatest new actors in contemporary cinema.” To the second, “to praise a tremendous performance by representing a complex character in different phases of his life and to support a novel European actor of great talent.”

EFA SELECTION AWARD: THE ARTIST, by Michel Hazanavicius Best Film Award. With an endowment of 35,000 euros, intended for the distributor of the film in Spain. The public has awarded the EFA award to The Artist by Michel Hazanavicius and has given a special mention to Lídice, by Petr Nikolaev, for being the second film most voted by the spectators.

EURIMAGES AWARD: SHUN LI AND THE POET, By Andrea Segre With an endowment of 20,000 euros, for the distributor of the film in Spain, the jury decides “unanimously, the members of the jury decide to award the Eurimages Prize to the film SHUN LI AND THE POET (IO SONO LI), Directed by Andrea Segre, to treat a current theme, truthful and close (the integration of the immigrants); For doing so with sensitivity and without pretensions (which does not detract from quality or complexity); And, finally, to use the expressive potential of the cinematographic medium. In short, the film tackles a topic as complicated as human relations and manages to work together ”

EURODOC PRIZE: LA ROCA, RAÚL SANTOS Award for Best Documentary Film. With an endowment of 15,000 euros, Destined to the distributor of the film in Spain. The public has awarded the Eurodoc prize to La Roca, by Raúl Santos, and has given a special mention to Las constituyentes, by Oliva Acosta.

FIRST FILMS FIRST PRIZE: MORTEZA FARSHBAF, by MOURNING The award for Best Novel Director, with the award of the corresponding trophy, is for Morteza Farshbaf, for the Iranian production Mourning. Lech Majewski ‘s

ASECAN PRIZE: THE MILL OF THE TIME, by Lech Majewski The Association of Motion Picture Writers of Andalusia (Asecan) has awarded its prize to the Polish film The Mill of Time, by Lech Majewski, and has awarded a special mention to the Spanish Film Market of Futures, of Mercedes Alvarez.

IV UNIVERSITY FILM PRIZE: Nonfiction , ALMA, By José Javier Pérez Prieto; And fiction, WHEN WE KNOW, by Jesús Méndez Cestero The jury has awarded the IV University Cinema Prize, convened this year under the theme Dependence, in the category of Nonfiction to the short film Alma, by José Javier Pérez Prieto; And in the Fiction category, in the short When we met, by Jesús Méndez Cestero.

AWARD JURY CAMPUS: THREE TIMES 20 YEARS, by Julie Gavras The jury, made up of a selection of students from the University of Seville, has awarded the Jury Campus Prize to the film Tres veces 20 años, directed by Julie Gavras. “Because it addresses positively a theme traditionally focused on the dramatic genre. In addition, the film is sustained by the solidity of interpretation, a quality that reinforces the credibility of the work. “