The film, directed by the Andalusian filmmaker RaГєl Santos, recaptures the history of the separation of Gibraltar and La Linea de la ConcepciГіn in 1969 by the Franco government. The SEFF granted to the Rock the Eurodoc prize, endowed with 15,000 euros destined To the distributor of the film in Spain

The epic love story between the rock of Gibraltar and the neighboring Spanish city of La Linea is proving to have no borders. After the good reception of the public in New York last September, “La Roca” won the Best European Documentary award in its Spanish premiere at the Seville European Film Festival, which has a budget of 15,000 euros for distribution in theaters commercial. Just a few weeks later, the UN has been interested in this particular 700g Films Romeo and Juliet Andalusian.

“I got a call while we were at Bunbury’s last production in California. Apparently they had received news about the film and were curious to see it, “says the director of the film, RaГєl Santos. After seeing a private internet pass, There was a first meeting in Manhattan of which Santos recalls that “I did not know what to expect; Perhaps it was going to disappoint them how political the tape is … The answer was totally the opposite. They had been enthusiastic about the passion of the protagonists and they were excited about the story. “The organization expressed interest in studying a collaboration to share with the film the defense of values of peace and tolerance between communities.

Several weeks later a date was finally made. On Friday, December 2, a private ‘La Roca’ pass will be held in the UNIS (International School) building, followed by a round table discussion with the director.

“We are confident that the audience around the world will be thrilled with this Andalusian love story. We hope this is a good step for the international leap that we are looking for for the film. This story must be told “, adds Santos, which has been one of the great media attractions of SEFF’11. His documentary has attracted most of the media accredited at the festival, and his story about La Roca has been published in the country’s most widely read newspapers, radio and television as well as in prestigious American media.