The German ‘If not us, who?’ Won the Silver Giraldillo and the Best Actor Award, and the Spanish ‘Futures Market’, by Mercedes ГЃlvarez, obtained the special mention of the Asecan Prize. The silent film ‘The Artist’, sensation of the Festival, arrives in the Spanish cinemas Next December 16th

The films If not us, who ?, by AndrГ©s Veiel; And Mercedes ГЃlvarez Futures Market, both premiered at the Seville Festival in its Official Section, arrive today on the Spanish billboard. The two feature films premiered in the commercial rooms after being awarded by SEFF: the first with the Giraldillo de Plata and the award for Best Actor, August Diehl; While the documentary of Mercedes Alvarez obtained a special mention of the prize granted by Asecan within the SEFF.

With an economic endowment of 20,000 euros, destined to the distributor of the film in Spain, SEFF’11 fulfills its objective of seeing premieres in cinemas all over Europe its winning films. In the case of If not us who? The jury highlighted how to contemplate “the problems of ideology, youth, and violence, offering a shocking reading on the recent history of Europe, which has a great relevance for all of us today.”

Also, August Diehl was awarded “a tremendous performance, by representing a complex character in different phases of his life and to support a talented European novel actor.”

Based on the novel by Gerd Koenen and inspired by real events, Andres Veiel presents the history of the marriage Bernard Vesper-Gudrun Ensslin, young leftists of bourgeois and accommodated origin, who form a group of university students dissatisfied with the economic and social direction of Germany Western in the 60s, whom they see as a puppet of American imperialist politics, Becoming the later germ of the Fraction of the Red Army.


The new film by the director of El cielo gira, Mercedes ГЃlvarez, is another of the bets of the Spanish billboard of this weekend. Futuro market competed in the Official Section of the Festival and is a singular cinematographic portrait on the life of objects and, in particular, on the hot topic of the housing market and the transformation of urban spaces in Spain.

The real estate fever, which has intensified over the last decade, has transformed the cities, their centers, and peripheries as never before, and this tape stops in the new face of the cities, creating aberrant, desolate or useless urban spaces, dormitories and micro centers Leisure and consumption. “Logically, Came the idea of expressing this new aspect of the world – the new city – inside a virtual space, ephemeral, theatrical and without any memory: the pavilion of a real estate fair, “says the director.

In this way, Futures Market was shot in 2009 in real estate fairs, investment companies, congresses on leadership and other places in Barcelona and Madrid. “During the filming I had a persistent feeling of discomfort, which was accentuated when the camera appeared in spaces that, without being secret, can sometimes carry some confidentiality,” explains the director.


The Best Film of the EFA (European Film Academy) selection was this year for The Artist, the film’s revelation of the season, which managed to dazzle audiences in Cannes. Thanks to the € 35,000 Endowment for the distributor of the film in Spain, the Spanish public will be able to see Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist on commercial cinema screens starting on December 16, after having premiered at the Seville Film Festival in November.

Since its release, The Artist has become the favorite film for European criticism, which does not doubt that its careful aesthetic captivates, equally, the academics of Hollywood. The film is a singular proposal shot in black and white and without dialogue and narrates the sunset of a silent movie star before the appearance of the sonorous. The protagonists are Jean Dujardin (Lucky Luke), Argentina BГ©rГ©nice Bejo and the Americans John Goodman, James Cromwell and Penelope Ann Miller (Trapped by his past), Actress finally recovered for the cinema.


Javier MartГ­n-DomГ­nguez, artistic director of the Seville European Film Festival, has been invited to be part of the jury of the next edition of the Sarajevo International Film Festival, one of the most Projection is reaching in recent years in Europe. In particular, the film exhibition of the Bosnian capital was born in 1995 as an act of resistance during the siege to which the city was subjected for years. Today is an indispensable meeting where some of the young talents of the Balkan Europe are presented, has the support of European institutions and recognizes consolidated trajectories such as the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, which was dedicated last year.