The decision of the SEFF’11 jury to award the main prizes to new filmmakers confirms the Festival’s tendency to support new creators and especially female filmmakers

The Norwegian director of Always Happy, Anne Sewitsky and the German director responsible for If not us, who ?, Andres Veiel join other new directors who came out reinforced from the Seville event, such as Solveig Anspach (Back soon), Urzula Antoniak (Nothing Personal), Mijke de Jong (Katia’s sister), Jessica Hausner (Lourdes) or the winner of the last edition Mohamed Al-Daradji, responsible for the recently released Son of Babylon in Spain.

And it is that, made like the premiere of this last tape in our country confirms that the prizes to the distribution granted by the Seville Film Festival serve to make the work of these new directors reach a greater segment of public, by favoring their Premiere in Spain.

In this same line, And within the support of the youngest cinema that gains strength in Europe, the SEFF has reinforced its section First Films First, dedicated to first works, with the entrance in the program Eye on Films, promoted by Media Mundus, that includes films of first directors Both European and non-European. In particular, the winner of the section, which featured ten raw operas, was the Iranian novelist Morteza Farshbad with the film Mourning.

The festival has also offered a wide range of films by women, with five directors competing in Official Selection, which has resulted in the final triumph of Norwegian director Anne Sewitsky, who is responsible for Siempre feliz Won an outstanding award in his American performance at the Sundance Independent Film Festival.


For its part, the documentary section also awarded a first work: the feature film by the Cadiz director Raul Santos, whose film on the sentimental history of Gibraltar La Roca has come back from Seville, highlighted in the media and with a large influx of assistants.

The festival also featured short film selection for the EFA European Film Academy Awards and a collection of Russian and Andalusian short films to showcase emerging talent emerging from filmmakers and continue to discover new ways To see and tell stories of European youth.

Also notable was the presence of the new generation of Russian filmmakers, with presences such as that of Valeriya Guy Germanika and his provocative intervention in the inaugural gala, Or Nicholay Khomeriki’s Official Section (with the urban drama Heart’s boomerang). The festival also collaborated with the presentation of two new values ​​of interpretation, participating in the European program Shooting Stars (dedicated to new values ​​of interpretation), with the presence of two actresses participating in the project, Natasha Petrovic and AnaГЇs Demoustier, Who presented their films in Seville as participants in the European tour financed by the MEDIA program.

The festival complements this offer of the work of new values ​​with the retrospectives and awards to prominent filmmakers, such as Nikita Mikhalkov or Amos Gitai, as well as offering a selection of films pre-nominated by the European Film Academy (EFA). Specific, SEFF has programmed three of the five nominations for Best Picture (Le Havre by Akis Kaurismak, Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist and Susanne Bier’s In a Better World, which won the previous edition).


These and other activities of the Festival have had a great impact in the national and international media, highlighting their presence on the cover of the magazine Variety sector (the most important internationally) and information collected by specialized media Leaders in the country, such as the magazine Fotogramas or the television programs DГ­as de cine (TVE) and Tentaciones (Canal Plus). Also, the national and international coverage of the festival has reached the most popular news in the country (TVE-2, Presented by Pepa Bueno) and other international channels, such as RAI, RT Moscow, the Spanish-language television channel of Russia; Radio Guadalajara (Mexico), the German magazine Film Deinst and Russia Today, an Internet portal available in seven languages.